The Remind calendar program
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Remind is a full-featured calendar/alarm program. Copying policy is
in the file "COPYRIGHT" in this directory.

Installation notes for various operating systems are in "docs". See
the appropriate README file for installation on your system.

Manual pages are in "man".


Quick UNIX installation instructions for the very impatient:

If you have Tcl/Tk (wish 4.1 or higher) installed and are running X Windows:

1) Type: wish ./ from this directory. Fill in the various
options and hit "Build Remind"

2) Type: "make install" -- you may need to be root to do this.

If you do NOT have Tcl/Tk or are NOT running X Windows:

1) Edit the file "src/custom.h" according to your preferences.

2) Edit the file "src/lang.h" to choose a language.

3) Type: "./configure" (You can supply options; type "./configure --help"
for details.)

4) Type: "make"

5) Type: "make install" -- you may need to be root to do this.

Contact info:
Home page: